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Most bankers will probably rate Check 21 as the biggest change in basic banking that they have ever seen.


MICR Automation responded to the challenges and opportunities offered by Check 21 and wrote an entirely new system providing Image Proof, Image Presentment and Acceptance, Image Archive, Remote Deposit Capture, and Fraud Detection.


We provide every feature that has been thought of, plus comprehensive Fraud Detection, and unmatched affordability and support.


RDC creates major new opportunities for multiple presentments and fraud.† The MICR Fraud Detection System catches not only multiple presentments from RDC depositors, but it catches checks that came in via RDC and then again via a teller deposit.† It catches duplicates in all incoming debits from any source, and maintains a profile of account activity for each account to spot other fraudulent activity.† It looks for unusual activity on low average balance accounts, and examines deposits for known fraudulent items.


For low-volume Remote Deposit users, the MICR System provides what we call MICR-less RDC.† This allows any regular scanner, such as those in fax/copier/printers, to be used to capture the images.† It is deployed via a password-protected Internet download and installs automatically.† The customer enters only the amounts of the checks.† When the images arrive at the bank, an extended CAR/LAR process fills in the MICR information by reading the images optically, and double-checks the amounts.


For exceptionally high-volume users, the system provides Remote Deposit/Remote Lockbox.† One of our users just installed this to improve service to its local electric utility.† The software allows the utility to scan both the return portion of the bill and the check, and then uses CAR/LAR to read the data from both items.†

Our standard Remote Deposit using regular MICR scanners offers added features that you can selectively provide to your users.† Pre-authorized drafts can be created either one at a time or on a scheduled monthly basis.† The ability to create pre-authorized draft images is a great help in collecting slow accounts and in automating monthly payments.† Optionally, pre-scheduled drafts can automatically send an email to the account holder notifying them that the charge is coming.


Your RDC users can receive secure encrypted daily emails containing reconciliation files and images of ALL items related to their accounts, including images of all items in all deposits from all sources.† The software enables your users to maintain a database of these images and data on their own PCís for instant access and lookup.


As a provider of check processing software for over twenty years, we have gained a reputation for providing solid and full featured software.†


Support comes directly over the Internet to your local users.† For assistance, a user initiates a secure connection to the support staff, which is able to see what is actually happening on the userís PC.† This provides a very high level of service, and frees you from the need to handle technical assistance yourself.†


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